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(Application deadline: 28 July 2019, Sunday)

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*1) Why are you interested in joining the IDEA Cambodia 2019 Project?

*2) What would you like to achieve by joining IDEA Cambodia 2019 Project?


Information Session & Selection

Short-listed candidates would be informed via email by 30 July 2019 (Tuesday).

You are required to attend the Information Session & Selection Interview held on the 4 August 2019 (Sunday). The venue will be announced in the email.

Selection result would be announced by 9 August 2019 (Friday).

* I am available to attend the information session & selection interview on 4 August 2019 (Sunday):


Your Commitment

Your commitment is important to contribute to the success of IDEA Cambodia 2019 Project. To ensure full experience and enjoyment, selected candidates are required to attend at least 80% of all workshops and go for the design service trip as per program schedule. A full payment of HKD3,900 (non-refundable, air-ticket fee is not included) for the service trip is also required to be transferred to IDEA account directly by 23 August 2019 (Sun) for IDEA's further arrangement.

You are required to buy your own air-ticket and travel insurance which cover the whole design service trip period. Your understanding and cooperation is highly appreciated. Let’s get ready to join the IDEA Cambodia 2019 Project.

*I agree to attend 80% of all workshops and go for the design service trip (date tbc).
*I agree to transfer a payment of HKD$3,900 (non-refundable, air-ticket fee is not included) for the design service trip by 23 August 2019 when my application is successful.

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